Three Women and (Definitely) No Baby!

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Duration: 45 minutes


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Three Women and (Definitely) No Baby!

by Honey Lee, Rana Saleh, and Mana Modares

Get ready for some GIRLS WHO SAY FUNNY SH!T

Experience Details:

Honey Lee (@misshoneylee) went from being a veteran international event planner and host, to too damn funny not to be a comedian. She sings, dances (a k-pop back-up dancer in the 90s, did we mention she’s old), and she’s your above average (self-proclaimed) Korean-American all-star who brings bags of wit, sass, shits and giggles to the stage. She often times brings kimchi too.

A fresh face to the Toronto comedy scene, you see her once, you won’t ask twice who she Is the next time. Come on, her name is Honey.

Honey has brought together two more of her favourite comedians to spice this show up!

Rana Saleh (@aintshitrana), a fresh Toronto adjacent comic whose ecstatic she doesn’t have to commute for the time being ;)

She is working on her Masters of Mathematics, and being surrounded by numbers all day has developed a well-rounded sense of humour (pun very much intended). Don’t worry, she’s also mastered immature material with a deadpan delivery (imagine if Daria made fart jokes). As a middle eastern woman, she has completely given up on her parents’ approval and is ready to seek yours!

 Last and not least, we have Mana Modares (@manamod), first of her name and mother of no one. Standing at 5’2 and at her ideal weight of a 100 lbs. She’s an aspiring trophy wife, if the trophy was for “best effort”. She’s a fiery, funny, and fabulous middle eastern woman, but if you ask her, she’ll probably say she’s Italian.

GET EXCITED — every seat is FRONT ROW!

Get ready for some GIRLS WHO SAY FUNNY SH!T