The Art of Team-Building

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Duration: 45 minutes


Groups Under 50

$ 695.00


Groups Over 50

$ 1,295.00


Groups Over 100

$ 2,295.00

The Art of Team-Building

by Nisansala Kaushayala

Painting is not a process towards art. Painting is art. And it's best enjoyed together!

Impress and attract your talent with more diverse opportunities to connect and get to know each other. Our paint nights are perfect for promoting your team’s creativity!

Once your team logs in, Nis will give step by step instructions through set-up, brushstrokes, and other tips! Nothing but great vibes, upbeat music and your very own masterpiece to put on the walls at home.

If you’re looking for a team event that turns heads, and gets noticed, ask about our art class options!


FIrst, you'll decide on a base image that your team will paint -they'll develop into each participants creative masterpiece! Options include types of landscapes, florals, skylines, and abstracts. ALL are intended to be started and completed in under an hour!

On the other side, you’ll keep a memory that lasts a long time, and a piece of art that lasts even longer! Keep it, or even give it as a super personal gift to someone you care about!

What participants will need to participate:

  • Any size Canvas or surface (plain or an existing picture you don’t love!)

  • Acrylic paint (your favourite colours)

  • A Paintbrush (1 is usually enough, 2 is plenty!)

  • Paper plates and cups (Optional - for palettes and water)


If applicable, based on your location and group size, we can happily distribute all required materials, and even brand them with your company logo! All you have to do is provide us with a list of class participants and addresses (at least one week before the scheduled event). 7’ x 9’ canvases, as well as complete paint kits, including brushes, will be delivered to your teams at least 24 hours before the event date - makes a great and creative invitation to your live group event!

Kits will include the date, time, and meeting code, and can even be customized with your business logo for an additional $10 per participant. 

“Painting used to be an activity that I depended on. But as life happens, we’re sometime incentivized to drop our passions. Since stuff started to get weird in 2020, inspiration drove me to pick it back up again. I took $20 and went to Dollarama for some easy retail therapy, and now I’m here to share that kind of peace and happiness with whoever can relate to my story. You don’t have to be master painter or anything… when it comes to landscapes, bouquets, and abstracts - I’m sure you’ll even surprise yourself with your talent!”

Painting is not a process towards art. Painting is art. Discover it’s joys.