Leading Change Effectively

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Leading Change Effectively

by Dr. Edward Aghbai

This module explores the internal and external factors that drive change and how change impacts the organization and its people. Explore a model for change to set the right things in motion the right way, and avoid pitfalls while navigating the team through uncertain times. This module will make you a flexible leader during uncertain times so you can remain productive and positive - and help others do the same.

Who is this Experience for?

This experience is designed for teams who are about to, or have recently, undergone structural change. Whether the company has pivoted direction, ownership, or internal members, Dr. Agbai shares insight that helps managers and employees cope with any sort of organizational change by focusing on interal skills and reflection.

Experience Details:

All leadership is change leadership. Good leadership isn't about stagnation; it's about moving ahead. Effective change leaders do three things; they anticipate where things are moving, they facilitate the implementation of change, and they sustain momentum by taking charge and moving things ahead. Great change leaders know how to be both proactive and reactive. Participants in this course will examine their own leadership styles and practice skills that will help them translate ideas into organizational results, find ways to overcome organizational inertia, and examine strategies for overcoming individual resistance to change.

In this experience we will:

  • Learn a proven, repeatable method for increasing your success in leading change initiatives

  • Discover and begin applying actionable steps for driving behavioral change throughout your organization

  • Move beyond a survival mindset, discovering techniques for engaging your workforce in envisioning and establishing positive change

  • Identify and secure the desirable changes brought about by the pandemic

  • Develop greater resilience in yourself and others

  • Acquire strategies and tactics for overcoming resistance

All organizations strive to articulate a vision that’s in line with the company's market and operating environment. This can be achieved by communicating the vision beyond the boundaries of the company. The vision is effective and has potency when the employees feel that they are part of the creation of the broad organizational vision.

Dr. Edward Aghbai is an author and a dedicated management consultant with backgrounds in leadership, research, change management, and engineering.

As the Director of Research with the International Institute for African Research (IIAS), He worked hard to ensure policy coherence to facilitate research projects from concept to launch and provide focus to the research interest of the institute. He also led IIAS in developing and championing the strategic road maps for regional Integration that leads to the ONE Africa initiate of the institute.

Dr. Aghbai is the Rep. Canada of the World Association for Academic Doctors Inc., an advisory board member with the African Journal for Engineering and Environmental Research and Resource Partner with Smart Alliance Consulting Services Ltd. He started his career in the year 2000 with Eni Nigerian, a major player in the oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy and has publications including his dissertation titled “Pathways to Entrepreneurship Training Towards Addressing Youth Unemployment in Nigeria” among others.