Flare N' Flavour



40 minutes


$ 695.00


mixology tips, flare demonstartions, recipes, fun

Recommended Participation:

mixology tips, flare demonstartions, recipes, fun

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More Details

In this highly social and interactive LIVE experience. Bar beginners, get ready to up your games, and expand your beer and wine horizons!

Aaron is loaded with tips, tricks and hacks, that you’ll keep forever, and will leave your party guests talking about you and your flex hosting skills :)

Oh…. and it’s A LOT of fun!

Experience Details:

Upon booking, you can choose to send your teams a simple ingredients list, prepared by Aaron OR connect with an Experience Coordinator and create a custom cocktail evening!

Upgrade options also include barware customized with your business logo!

Aaron’s bartending style focuses on maximizing flavor with the fewest number of ingredients, always focusing on freshness. Career highlights include the creation of custom cocktails for multiple television segments and running multiple cocktail classes and competitions. He has also created custom cocktails for an Oscar-nominated actor!

Aaron Male is an award-winning Toronto-based bartender, mixologist, and sous chef, with almost twenty years of industry experience. Recently stepping into the role of Canadian Brand Ambassador for Tia Maria and Disaronno, he has worked at some of Toronto’s more popular establishments. He has worked at places like Miss Thing’s, an extremely popular tiki bar and restaurant as well as being the bar manager at the cozy speakeasy style cocktail bar, The Cloak. He also spent several years at Hamilton’s legendary and longstanding restaurant, La Cantina.

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