Creating the Wow Factor!

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Creating the Wow Factor!

by Mario Poto

When a team can incorporate routine practices, orchestrated to impress already satisfied customers, we allow people to appreciate those efforts more freely.

Going above and beyond’ can often be a lot simpler and routine than it seems. It involves routine practices that are designed to impress customers who are already satisfied and transform into brand ambassadors.

Experience Details:

Create Memorable Experiences out of neutral ones;

  • Inquire about occasions and celebrations

  • Offer compliments early on

  • Have brief conversations unrelated to the transaction

  • Communicate with millennials via text when possible

  • Cross promote departments to offer convenience, not to make a sale

  • And more ways to show your appreciation with daily routine practices, depending on your business style…

The Serial-Position Effect:

  • A breakthrough of analytical thought, coined by Hermann Ebbinhaus

  • It’s about capitalizing on memories, and knowing when and how to trigger the responses you want. It’s a concept that we think you’ll find tremendously interesting!

Customer service care can cost organizations millions of dollars each year. As a result, it's critical that employees are equipped with the skills needed to handle a variety of different customer service opportunities.

Mario has worked in all areas of the service industry, including launching and operating Freshii during it’s start-up, managing high revenue restaurants, has owned his own sports bar, and held senior management roles in hotels.