Coworker Feud



60 minutes


$ 795.00


competition, funny, customizable

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competition, funny, customizable

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More Details

Based on the popular Family Feud game show, this online event has your group split into teams, each representing a family (or department) as they face off head-to-head in a series of hilarious rounds from the comfort of their own home.

Inquire with our Experience Coordinators about customization on this one! The event can be customised by having participants complete a set of tailored online survey questions. The results of this survey are then tallied and used for the event, allowing everyone to learn a little bit more about their colleagues, interests, hobbies, personality traits etc.

Who is this experience for?

We all have our stories, but when we meet, we put those stories aside to share a common goal. That is to laugh.

This interactive game doubles as a comedy show, and it will tighten the bond at the workplace and get your teams lauging, talking, and pointing ugly fingers!

Gain inside jokes with colleagues and see your boss outside of a work environment!

Experience Details:

The main game starts off with one team member from each team coming to the virtual podium and facing off on the first question. The contestant who buzzes in first gets to provide the first answer. If that answer is the No. 1 survey response, his or her team gets control of the question. If not, the opposing contestant gets to try and provide a higher-ranking response to earn control for his or her team.

The team who wins control of the question then provides more responses, one at a time. They are not permitted to consult with one another during this part of the game. If a given answer is not one of the most popular, the team gets a strike. If the team can guess all of the most popular answers on the board before getting three strikes, they win the round.

If a team ends up with three strikes, control of the round goes to the opposing team. That opposing team then has one chance to come up with one of the remaining responses on the board to win the round — if they fail, the other team gets the points.

Generally speaking, four main rounds are played in each game. If there is time, two more rounds can be played, but these are sudden death "lightning rounds."

Clif Knight (@cliffy_so_funny) is a comedian, actor and musician based in Toronto, Canada.

Starting his comedy career in 2016, Clif has since performed at various comedy clubs in Canada, (Yuk Yuks, Absolute Comedy, The Comedy Nest) the United States (Gotham Comedy Club, The Comedy Studio, Helium).

Clif came to Toronto from the South American country of Guyana and has spent the last 8 years becoming cool and hilarious enough to host the funniest virtual game shows on the market! He regularly performs stand-up sketch and improvised comedy all over Toronto and has extensive hosting experience. His greatest recognition came from the production of his popular one man show "Clif Knight Sucks!", which became featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018.

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