Chef With Beth

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Duration: 60 - 90 minutes


Groups Under 50

$ 795.00


Groups Over 50

$ 1,495.00


Groups Over 100

$ 2,495.00

Chef With Beth

by Chef Marianne Pinellis

Getting together to laugh, unwind, and create delicious food can be an energetic experience that’s so much fun, very memorable, and leaves you with some handy tips to keep for a lifetime.

Marianne operates her own Toronto catering business, Chef with Beth to share her talent on innovative platforms. Her online following comes as a result of her ingenious talent, and hilarious demeanour that can always light up a room. Live from her kitchen, Chef Marianne is ready to liven up your week!

Give your team a private session! Either choose from one of the below ‘ready-to-go’ options, or connect with our Experience Coordinators to make a custom request.


This interactive event begins with a quick introduction of the Chef, and all the ingredients we'll use to prepare our meal!

Caution - she's loaded with plenty of expert Chef tips, and it's recorded so you never have to take any notes!

Once we beginning cooking, things move quickly, but we’ve timed everything so that you’re done cooking, say goodbye, and take your first bites of dinner all within 2 minutes!

Option 1: Perfect Smash Burgers

Option 2: Creamy Shrimp Fettuccine

Option 3: Steak and Shrimp Tacos

Option 4: Suggest another dish upon inquiry - no add'l cost!

Chef Marianne has a rich background in Executive cuisine with Leading Luxury Hotel Brands! She’s also very passionate about supporting local products and farmers and operates her very own Catering Business called Chef with Beth, based in Toronto.

Her culinary experiences are loaded with energy, laughs, and expert tips that you’ll keep for a lifetime. Let your teams witness the cultural strength of eating together!